Welcome to jailbreakios7p0sixninja.com Many people are waiting for the release of iOS 7. it going to be proved as Best & great update from Apple. it’s my 2 cents. iOS 7 will be released with great features. All iOS 7 features are worth hundreds dollars. I am going to discuss about the best ios 7 apps. Please remember that maybe you need ios 6.1.3 jailbreak / ios 7 jailbreak for installing Apps.
You can download thousands, millions of apps from apple store for iphone 5/4s/4/3gs, iPad 3/2/Mini, iPod touch. 95% out of them are paid apps. it’s mean, you have to pay money for installing apps on iphone, ipad or ipod touch. You can find thousands of apps on apple store for free. Many FREE Apps are best than paid. here is the list of best apps for ios 7. If you have any best apps for ios 7. If you have any best apps in your mind for ios 7. Please share in comments. We will appreciate it.

1: Socialism:

The term socialism means, The social media. As we all know. The boss of social media is Facebook. You agree with me or not? Google it. If you have any doubt about it. How amazing is it to access your facebook contacts, feeds and other important data in a iPhone, iPad & iPod touch desktop.

2: Data Saving:

Every person have personal data. Data safety is the first priority for every person. There are millions of apps for data safety. You can find thousands of paid apps. in this article, i am going to tell you best and free apps for data saving. The name of that app is “DropBox”. Do upload your personal on DropBox and download it anywhere in the world later.

3: Contacting Family:

In this modern age, Everybody are now using messengers to keep contacting with family. No doubt, it is the world best and cheap way to keep yourself contacting with family. The usage of landline phone is now decreasing day by day. it is due to the popularity of messengers. The world best messenger app for ios 7 is skype. it is best app in the earth for keep connecting yourself with your family.

4: Lovers Of Cinema:

Have you often watch movies in cinema? If yes, then it is for you. Did you ever imagine.? You can get all the information about upcoming movies in cinema in your own home. You can reserve your seat in cinema using “Movies by Flixter”. It is the world most popular app in the earth.

5: Piano & Guitar:

Are you Piano Or Guitar lovers? What about virtual Piano & Guitar? it is interested? Now Piano Or Guitar lovers can enjoy Piano & Guitar virtually. if you would like to enjoy piano Or guitar, without real piano then TonePad app is the answer.

6: Around Me:

Are you out of station? You really don’t know, where is your favourite Bank, Bars, Restaurant And you really don’t know where you are located right now. “Around Me” App is the answer for all your doubt.  it is the best and free app to solve your problem. I Really liked it.

There are many other great apps. I am unable to code all here. it would be great if you share your favourite app in the comments. I am looking forward to hear from you.
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